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11 February 2007 @ 10:12 pm
... and this marks the first post of this community, jazz_jukebox.

In this community, we share our love for jazz by recommending and sharing music.

However, as this is a locked community, you will need to join and read the rules before you can access any other community posts. Membership is open, but failure to comply with any of the rules can results in an immediate ban, or even a report to the LiveJournal team.

If you decide to become a member of this community, please contribute whenever you can. Don't let this community stagnate!

As a helpful guideline, I prefer using MediaFire. MegaUpload is good for link longevity, and I avoid RapidShare whenever possible (I hate their ads and ridiculously long time limits for large files).

You may upload songs individually, or in compressed packages (for full albums) such as .rar and .zip files, which can be easily opened with self-extractors like WinZip.

The RIAA states that once downloaded, you have 24 hours to remove a music file from your computer. I, misanthropos, will not be held liable for what you decide to do with the music you find here. Do use this community to widen your horizons of jazz music, and support the artists you love and enjoy!

When people take the time off to share music with the community, the least you could do as a member is to leave a comment in acknowledgment.

Enjoy the community, and spread the jazz love!
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